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glass railings

Glass Railings

Many individuals struggle with the decision of how to improve safety without sacrificing style and aesthetics when choosing glass railings for their property. In case you find yourself in that position then do not feel concerned at all. The ideal answer is a glass railing system.

Conventional railing materials like wood and iron have been used for decades and have served their purpose perfectly. But thanks to technological improvements, you have an increasingly affordable option that offers you attractive, durable, and adaptable designs. But the main question you have to do to yourself is “Are glass railings a good solution and option for my property?”

Why Glass Railing Systems are essential for your property?

In general, glass railings offer openness and make every commercial or residential space feel bigger and add extra luxury and value. The stunning visual impact that they create is by far one of the plenty benefits it offers. But to achieve efficient functionality and safety, you have to hire experienced glass railing professionals who have knowledge of both interior glass railing and exterior glass railing services.   

Easy and Efficient Maintenance

Glass railing systems are significantly superior to iron and wood in comparison. There is no concern over rot, corrosion, or decomposition. Extreme weather won’t harm your glass fence since tempered safety glass is strengthened to the highest extent possible with a high-temperature treatment. Wood is frequently infested by termites and other insects, making the area dangerous for children and animals. The worry of routine maintenance is also eliminated with glass railing systems, which is a final point worth mentioning. There is no need for part replacement, painting, or staining.

Provide Unobstructed Views

In case you have a beautiful sight or an excellent backyard view you desire to preserve, glass railing installation is the best option for you to take into consideration. A seamless transition between your home and the surrounding environment is made possible by the practically imperceptible tempered glass panels.

Increased Safety

This is a crucial aspect that shouldn’t be contested. Your property or apartment complex should make you and your family feel secure. Also, property managers need to be aware that people do not want to occupy inadequately secured premises. Glass railings are simple to install while still offering the highest level of security. They resist severe weather, protect against strong winds, and prevent unintentional falls. Glass railings can be used to create a clear-view barrier that improves the safety of your swimming pool when used as pool safety fencing. Pool gates with self-latching and self-closing features ensure your maximum protection even when there are curious kids and animals nearby.

Improved Market Value

Glass railings give excellent value for their price to real estate investors and property managers that care about giving their structures a more distinctive look. Unusual glass rails will continue to be seen as a smart addition to the structure even after many years have passed since installation. Glass railings on buildings make them appear larger than they actually are because of the transparency of the material. This enables you to maximize any building’s selling potential.

Increased Flexibility

The extensive use of glass railing systems is due to their adaptability, simplicity, and variety of styles. Many homeowners seek glass railing designs that go with their current house. Hence, whether your home is modern or conventional in design, you can pick from a variety of types. Also, these glass railing designs are incredibly versatile and can be used in residential, commercial, industrial, and multiplex buildings. 

What to consider before installing Glass Railings at your property?

There are many different glass railing options available for both indoor and exterior applications if you are thinking about remodeling or building a new home. In case you do not have the required knowledge and experience, do not conduct a DIY project just by yourself as you will probably spend more and cause irreplaceable damage. Zenith Glass& Mirror glass railing professionals who have adequate knowledge of glass railing system installation can do it for you by respecting the general Canadian Building Code and Safety measures. 

The following indicates some of the most important factors you need to consider for your upcoming glass railing project:

Glass Varieties 

The glass must be handled carefully. You’re out if it cracks or breaks. Tempered glass comes in a variety of varieties that are perfect for installation in railings. Safety glass is four times more durable than regular glass and “shatter safe” like a window screen. A plastic film that lines laminated glass is designed to catch the glass if it ever cracks. Glass railings are intended to be safer than wooden alternatives in several ways. Ensure that you are aware of the variety that will meet your needs the finest.

Glass Railing Varieties

You can choose from frameless, frame-style, top balustrades, solo glass sheets, seamless railings, and glass supported by figurines for an opulent appearance. There are advantages and disadvantages to each enticing option. Consult a specialist if you’re unsure which option to pick. Glass railings are an option for a variety of structures, including balconies, internal staircases, and decks.

Glass Maintenance 

After installation, glass railings are simple to maintain. You won’t be concerned about loose parts or yearly maintenance. Glass railings receive additional protection from an unique coating, which helps them last longer. Just clean it with a glass cleaner or a dry microfiber towel to preserve the appearance and keep fingerprints away.

Why choose Zenith Glass& Mirror for Glass Railing Services?

It is best to choose professionals with experience in this particular field if you want safe railings that are specifically designed for your property. Years of expertise in the area and the best craftsmanship support our team. With meticulous attention to detail and at affordable prices,  Zenith Glass& Mirror items are of the finest standard. You will have the possibility to choose from a wide range of products we offer for indoor or outdoor use. Our custom-quality manufacturing is made to satisfy all your needs.

You can contact Zenith Glass& Mirror anytime at (416)-747-8040 or at [email protected] in order to examine your area and go over your design, material, and positioning options. Our staff will make your vision and project requirements and expectations a reality!