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Commercial Doors, Glass Repair & Replacement

In business structures like schools, shops, and office complexes, commercial doors are used. They are frequently constructed more firmly than residential doors, enabling them to endure heavy traffic and abuse. Commercial doors must also conform to stricter building code standards, such as those for safe protection, fire protection, and disability accessibility.

What are Commercial Doors and what benefits do they offer?

Commercial doors are made particularly for use in commercial structures and are subject to safety and compliance regulations. The safety of the people within is taken into consideration when creating the regulations. Modern commercial doors come in a variety of designs and materials to fit any commercial building while yet providing strong security and safety.

Increased Safety 

Modern commercial doors can increase a building’s security. Steel doors are known for their dependability and security. Doors with a 3-hour fire rating are available from Zenith Glass & Mirror. By updating your business doors (and related hardware), you may be able to both comply with crucial safety regulations and safeguard your staff from fire and other risks.

Improved security can also be achieved with modern commercial doors. Due to their dual panes of glass, commercial glass doors can provide greater protection against impact and vandalism (or errant shopping carts). The gas pocket that exists between these layers functions as a suspension system to lessen the effects of a collision. This implies that you can safeguard your company without sacrificing the appearance of your front entrance.

Fresh Look

The purpose of commercial doors is long-term durability. Yet that doesn’t guarantee that they will keep functioning properly without attention and upkeep.

A fresh pair of doors can take the place of ones with broken glass, scratched paint, or other visible flaws that give your company a less-than-professional appearance. A new image may even give your company a sense of new vitality or direction, which may well translate into improved employee satisfaction.

Widen Space 

If you have a single commercial door, are you considering switching to double doors? Small businesses might not have access to conventional entrance doors. Twin doors can make it simpler to enter and exit your facility, making it easier to transport equipment in and out of your building or receive product packages.

Environmentally Friendly 

Commercial doors can increase a building’s energy efficiency by insulating it from the chilly temperatures outside. Your environmental effect will be reduced, as well as your monthly energy costs. Many of your consumers could value the opportunity to support a company that values sustainability.

Starting Point for Renovations

Some companies might wish to renovate their entire building, but they might not know where to begin. What’s the point of starting at the entrance? The front door can be a wonderful place to start for future upgrades because it offers an economical initial step in a multi-tiered strategy for business restoration because commercial doors and their equipment are generally inexpensive.

Which are the main types of Commercial Doors?

Choosing the appropriate doors for the premises is crucial since commercial doors are subject to strict regulations. Initial impressions for storefronts, dining establishments, and showrooms are crucial, but aesthetics alone are insufficient.

More than just an entrance, commercial entry doors keep the company safe and protected. While maintaining the necessary safety features and regulatory compliance, modern commercial doors may be tailored to fit the style of any business. 

The following are some of the most typical Business Door Types:

Glass Doors

Glass entry doors are popular in commercial structures. They provide any business with natural light, excellent visibility, and a modern appearance. Glass doors are found in banks, stores, clinics, offices, and residential buildings.

Glass entry doors look good, make it easier for consumers to discover you, and they also stop the violence. They are a popular option for store owners because they are simple to use and very adaptable.

Steel or Metal Commercial Doors

Despite the fact that steel and metal are two distinct materials, they are sometimes used interchangeably. Steel is a compound comprised of at least two other elements, namely iron and carbon. The earth’s crust contains metals, which are naturally occurring.

Steel has a higher melting point, is stronger, and is lighter than elemental iron. Steel business doors are stronger and more secure than other commercial doors made of other materials due to all of these features. Steel and metal doors can both be equipped with glass kits and are fire certified for further protection.

Commercial Wood Doors

Given their timeless excellent aesthetics and strength, modern commercial wood doors are frequently chosen. Commercial wooden doors are produced with either solid wood or thin veneer sheets on the outside, wrapped around a foundation of particleboard, solid wood, or pressed mineral materials.

How to Choose the Right Commercial Doors?

When selecting the perfect doors for your business, there are many factors to take into account because they have to not only look amazing but also perform well and be secure. 

Think about the following while deciding which doors are best:

  • The degree of security you require
  • Spending limit
  • The appearance of your company
  • Type of company
  • Are they open to the interior or exterior?
  • What size is the entryway?
  • What level of fire resistance do you require?
  • How much upkeep will the doors require?
  • Do you need to be seen well?
  • What aspects of the environment must be taken into account?


The options are more streamlined once you specify what your company needs. Contact the business door experts at Zenith Glass & Mirror to explore more possibilities if you’re still unsure of what will work best.


Is repairing or replacing Commercial Glass Better?

Choosing between needing to replace the commercial glass and being able to repair it may be confusing for you as a business owner. 

To make decisions that will benefit your company, it is crucial to take the flaws in your commercial glass into account. Making a sensible decision requires equally important consideration of the costs associated with the two possibilities.

Commercial glasses typically have a longer lifespan when installed and maintained professionally. Unfortunately, a number of things could harm your business glass. 

These elements consist of:

  • Extreme weather or exposure to sweltering heat.
  • Installation of substandard or faulty materials.
  • Depending on the climate, poor thermal efficiency or U-factor.
  • The glass requires little maintenance.

Commercial Glass Repair

It is advisable to fix small damages to your business glass than to replace it. You can fix minor damages to your business glass, such as little scratches or blemishes, windows that won’t open or close properly, caulking that is damaged, etc.

These facts suggest that you should get in touch with a commercial window supplier right away to correct the small damages and arrange for a rapid glass repair.

The price of fixing the windows may be less expensive in cases of minor damage than replacing them. The price of glass repair, however, may vary depending on a number of factors, including:

  • Type of Damage
  • Type of Window
  • Type of Material Replacement or Repair

Commercial Glass Replacement

Here is the answer if you’re trying to decide when to replace the commercial glass. It’s time to replace your commercial glass if any of the following issues arise.

  • Visible Damage → Visible damage could develop as a result of long-term exposure to harsh weather conditions, such as high temperatures, high precipitation, floods, or other natural disasters. Broken glass frames, damaged lenses, and shrinking seals or gaskets are examples of visible wear and tear. It would be advisable to replace your glass in the event of these problems.
  • Broken Seals → Broken seals are one of the permanent harms done to the windows, and ultimately the business glass. The seals also sustain damage because they may crack or shatter as a consequence of high temperatures or other circumstances. The seals fail as a result of condensation brought on by fog production. Fog can cause moist seals to expand and compress if it happens frequently. The seal loses its integrity after drying.


As it is challenging to separate the seals from the glass panes and repair or repair them separately, it would be a practical solution to replace your glass and the entire window as a complete one.

  • Lack of Thermal Integrity → The rate at which non-solar heat flow may pass through your windows’ glass is measured by the U-factor. The U-factor of your business glass may drop dramatically as a result of numerous leaks, drafts, or gaps in the glass. Also possible is thermal integrity loss.
  • Repair Charges or High Maintenance → Your commercial glass may eventually become more expensive to maintain due to frequent repairs, pricey maintenance services, or the need to buy replacement parts. If you have to spend a lot of time and money on their maintenance and repair, they have become quite demanding. It would be preferable to swap them out for more recent models.

Why choose Zenith Glass & Mirror for Commercial Glass Services?

High-quality commercial doors in a variety of materials and styles are available from Zenith Glass & Mirror for both interior and external use. 

For all of your needs regarding commercial door repairs, Zenith Glass & Mirror is pleased to be the business you can trust. We have skilled, knowledgeable specialists ready to assist with any issue with the doors of your company.

We are aware that when your commercial door malfunctions, your entire operation comes to a sudden end. For this reason, we work swiftly and effectively to restore the functionality of your door. Contact us via phone at (416)-747-8040 or via email at [email protected] for your upcoming commercial job!