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glass showers

Glass Showers

There isn’t a component in your bathroom that is more striking than your glass shower, and we’ve all dreamed of remodeling our bathrooms into something magnificent. No matter if it’s a walk-in shower or a tub-shower combination, this focal piece can make your bathroom appear fantastic.

Which are the benefits that Glass Showers offer to every homeowner?

Promotes a Refined and Sophisticated Appearance

Your bathroom will appear more upscale if you have a glass shower enclosure rather than a heavy, voluminous shower curtain. A transparent barrier surrounding your shower gives the impression that the space is larger and more open than one with a curtain. Even though your shower is in a small, cramped room, it gives the impression that it isn’t. Having your shower enclosure totally built to your exact specifications not only instantly swanks up your house, but you can also choose from the most outstanding options.

Easy to Clean 

Shower cleaning might be difficult. Custom glass shower enclosures are exceptionally simple to maintain, in contrast to standard shower curtains. All that’s left to do is clean it with some cleanser, and you’re done! Your new bespoke glass’s flat, smooth surface won’t cause you any issues.

Protects from Shower Spray 

One of the worst aspects of having a loose shower curtain is the quantity of water that ends up on the floor. Glass doors, however, automatically close and block off your bathroom from the rest of the room. This will stop water from penetrating your tiles and eventually cause significant damage. This is especially helpful if you live with young children who might not care too much if water is spilled all over the floor.

Does Selecting Glass Affect Whether It Is Framed Or Frameless?

In terms of the type of glass you choose, frameless and framed shower designs differ from one another. You might only have access to a small number of glass styles or textures depending on your preferences. Moreover, the hardware could alter how the glass appears. Your selection of glass patterns, colors, or textures may be influenced by the difference in the thickness of the glass between framed and frameless showers. Zenith Glass & Mirror are always available to help you if you have any inquiries about the impact of your choice to surround your shower with a frame.

Which are the most common types of Glass Shower Doors?

Installing a glass shower door will update the look of your tub or shower room. Despite the fact that installing a glass shower door is a task that cannot be done on your own, professional glass shower professionals are usually hired for the job because frameless doors require special hardware that must be measured precisely.

Depending on your demands and available space, there are a variety of glass shower door designs to pick from.

Frameless Doors

A frameless shower door is constructed of durable tempered glass and does not need metal framing on its outside edges. The end result is a clean, contemporary appearance that is clean of visible barriers. Popular frameless alternatives help highlight a bathroom’s stunning masonry, unique tile patterns, and sparkling hardware. The simplest shower doors to clean are those without frames because they don’t have any seals where water might collect over time.

Semi-Frameless Glass Shower Doors

Metal framing encloses the entire frame of a semi-frameless shower door, but not the door panel. A pivot door with a semi-frameless design, 3/8-inch thick tempered glass, and a higher-than-normal height of 76 inches contributes to the sleek, streamlined appearance.

Framed Shower Doors

In order to offer strength and stability, a framed shower door is set in a solid heavy-duty aluminum metal frame. It is impossible for framed shower doors to be as attractive as their frameless equivalents. Shower doors made of framed glass are less likely to leak because of their sealed design.

The traditional pivot shower door includes a frameless door and an exterior frame with an oil-rubbed bronze finish that encloses the unit. The design makes a strong impression and fits both a traditional and modern bathroom.

Glass Tube Enclosures

A bathtub’s rim is mounted with a glass tub enclosure that doesn’t extend all the way to the ground. A glass tub enclosure may be the perfect compromise if you don’t want to give up your bathtub but want something more stylish than a shower curtain.

Sliding Glass Shower Doors

A track connecting to the floor and ceiling allows a glass sliding shower door to open and close. These are quite popular and also referred to as bypass doors. In bathrooms with small spaces and close-spaced fixtures, where a hinged door would not fit, this type of glass shower door is perfect.

Pivot Glass Shower Doors

A pivot glass shower door, commonly referred to as a swinging or hinge door, opens similarly to a regular door. A conventional or cottage-style bathroom might benefit from the elegant impact that these doors can make. As they don’t need as much space to open as sliding doors, pivoting shower doors are suitable for compact bathrooms with smaller shower openings. For narrow rooms, swing-in pivot doors are another option.

Clear Glass Finishes

A shower door made of clear glass is completely transparent. Although it looks lovely and shiny, you will need to squeegee clean it every day to keep it looking that spotless. To add depth and make a small bathroom feel lighter, brighter, and larger, consider installing a transparent glass shower door. The most typical and affordable glass shower door coating is clear glass.

Why choose Zenith Glass & Mirrors for customized Glass Shower Services?

No matter what kind of glass you select for your shower enclosure or door, our teams are professionals in glass installation, so you can be confident you’ll get quality work. Along with the type of glass, you may choose from a variety of sizes, styles, and finishes for our personalized showers. With our customized showers, you can feel confident that you have the ideal shower for your style and décor tastes because there are so many alternatives available.

Even if you require assistance personalizing your shower, get in touch with one of our Zenith Glass& Mirror designers for a free consultation at (416)-747-8040 to begin the process of having a one-of-a-kind shower placed in your home.