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Glass Mirrored Walls

Mirrored walls may be incorporated into nearly any interior design theme and have the ability to completely change the look of your living area! Join together with Zenith Glass & Mirror when you’re prepared to cover a wall with mirror glass to get the superior quality, professional advice, and considerate service your project demands. 

In addition to offering small mirrors in standard and custom sizes, our staff is capable of working with very large sheets of mirror glass. Zenith Glass & Mirror can work with you to get the required effect whether you choose a continuous mirrored wall or a patterned design.

When did Glass Mirrored Walls become popular?

Mirrored walls were a popular design feature from the 1970s to the 1990s. They may give a room depth, making it feel cozier and larger. They are also a useful addition to a modern home, so that’s more than just that. Mirrors serve a special purpose in the field of interior design. Mirrors give the appearance of more space in an area that would otherwise be crowded. When used correctly, they can also be excellent methods for redistributing both artificial as well as natural light.

What is Glass Mirrored Walls Functionality?

Mirrors are fixed on walls that span the entire height, width, or both, as the name suggests, to create mirrored walls. Throughout the 1970s and the 1990s, mirrored walls were increasingly fashionable in interior design. But despite what many people think, interior designers still employ mirrored walls in a variety of contexts.

The ability to change a room lies in a single wall mirror. For instance, a small mirror can act as an extension beyond your room, making it appear less monotonous if you are renting an apartment without windows.

Can Mirrored Walls classify as a Here-to-Stay Trend?

Certain styles change with the times while others are timeless, which is one of the best things about interior design. Mirrored walls are among the decorating fads that are here to stay and will soon become a classic in both homes and workplaces.

Additional Space Illusion 

Do you want to enlarge the appearance of a tiny space? Perhaps the most effective method to achieve it is with a mirror wall. Even if the room is painted a specific color, like blue, gray, or white, a mirror that reflects the entire room will give the impression that it is twice as large. With a mirror wall, you may reflect the flooring, the relaxing colors, and the natural light, which will make your room feel much less congested.

Increased Light Coverage

Your mirrored wall will reflect light, so you’ll have more of it. The mirror will reflect both natural and artificial light back into your room. You would want your mirrored wall to be opposite a wall with windows to create this effect so that natural light will reflect back into the room from the opposing wall. Along with providing you with a better dose of vitamin D, this may also enable you to lower your energy costs.

What do expect from Custom Mirror Wall Installation?

Mirror walls are practical and aid in making a room feel bigger, whether they are in your gym room, front entryway, or just any room in your home.

Not all Mirror Installation Processes are the Same and Equal 

Any problems in the product or installation, no matter how little, stand out due to the reflecting nature of the product. This is particularly true when installing mirrors in several panels or on uneven surfaces because it needs a professional to guarantee image continuity as well as eliminate gaps between the panels. Trust that our team of professionals will see to it that your project is implemented properly so you can truly enjoy your new mirror wall.

Safety Among Everything 

Safety is the biggest concern when installing a mirror in your home or place of business because a mirror isn’t normally supposed to be tempered (the tempering procedure alters the picture seen in the reflection). Our company was founded on the installation of mirrors, so we are skilled at doing it in a way that keeps them secure and useful for many years. 

Zenith Glass & Mirror staff is able to guarantee the safety of your new mirror wall while also achieving your design objectives.

Which are some Additional Tips for decorating Mirrored Walls?

Wall mirrors give any room radiance and aesthetic appeal. Here are some ideas for planning the size and positioning of your frameless mirrors:

  • Installing multiple large mirrors next to one another will create a reflected wall.
  • Install a lot of little mirrors in a “mosaic” pattern or another design.
  • Place the mirror across from the doorway to the room to give the impression that it is larger.
  • A distinctive piece of furniture, an item of art, or the view outside a picture window will all be reflected in the wall mirror.

We at Zenith Glass & Mirror are aware of your need for a superior-quality, aesthetically pleasing, and practical product. Our goal is to continually improve the glass items we produce. You receive the best when you choose our mirror goods!

Contact Zenith Glass & Mirror via phone at (416)-747-8040 or send us a message to[email protected] here if you would like to learn further about our mirror products or to discuss upon your upcoming glass mirrored wall project.