Top Benefits Of Glass Railing Systems

glass railing systems

Glass railing systems are widely used in both commercial and residential properties and used for stairways, patios or other home spaces protection. Although a variety of materials, including marble, bronze, iron, glass, and marble can be utilized for creating these railings, the glass railing is now popular.

Zenith Glass & Mirror has created this article to show the top benefits that glass railing systems can offer to any type of property. 

Why are Glass Railing Systems Better than Wood or Steel Railings?

Glass railing systems offer a modern and stylish look to any space, making them an increasingly popular choice for both residential and commercial applications. Glass railings provide a sleek, unobstructed view of the outdoors while providing safety and security. They are much more durable than wood or steel railings, offering superior strength and lasting value. They also require little upkeep and are simple to install. This makes them an ideal choice for those looking for a stylish yet long-lasting solution to their railing needs.

Improve Aesthetics

Any building can benefit from a glass stair railing’s charming qualities. It may give any company or house an immediate, active,  and luxurious touch. Because of its ability to reflect light, glass railing systems enhance the attractiveness of buildings in a way that wooden or metal ones cannot.

Efficient Maintenance 

A frameless glass railing may seem like it would be simple to maintain. Other types of balustrades, including those made of wood or steel, may be more difficult to maintain due to their complicated design. However, cleaning the filth off your balustrades with glass simply requires a decent glass cleaner and takes only a few minutes.

Additionally, polishing can almost immediately restore your glass railing to its original elegance if it sustains scratches or other damage, which is another significant advantage over balustrades made of steel or wood.

 More Space Illusion

Glass is used in the construction of railings to provide the impression of more room! Whether this occurs in your home, office, or apartment complex. This is especially true if the glass used to make your balustrade is transparent and see-through.

Glass railing systems give you a perception that the surrounding area will be much larger. Your perspective is blocked from moving outward by other materials including iron, wood, aluminum, and chrome.

Comfortable Glass Railing Systems Installation

Glass railing systems are typically simpler to design and install than elevating balustrades made of other materials. 

Some systems take longer than others, depending on the system. Compared to railings made of wood, steel, or chrome, they still typically offer a smooth and quick installation.

Eco Friendly 

Glass is an environmentally safe material to utilize for the design of railings because it is simple to recycle and non-toxic. On the other hand, as a result of oxidation and corrosion, metal balustrades, particularly those made of iron, can emit harmful fumes. Glass railing systems are by far a great option if you’re attempting to use green materials in your home or business.

Increase Property’s Resale Value

The distinctive beauty of glass railing systems can raise the value of your property. The glass components are a wise choice for enhancing the value and appeal of your home. Even their beauty or sparkle does not deteriorate over time as they mature. It will keep looking beautiful and drawing the attention of visitors.

The wooden or metal components have a bulky appearance and become faded over time, so they will eventually need to be painted over or repaired. So you can maximize the property’s resale value by installing glass railing systems. 

High Durability 

The glass balustrades offer a stunning aesthetic in addition to strength. With a little initial installment fee, it will function as a solid investment. The glass railing system installation lasts for many years with little upkeep and cleaning required.

The wooden railing is vulnerable to corrosion or pest infestation after a few years of use. In addition, glass retains its strength and durability over time. Glass ages gradually, and changes are invisible to the human eye.

Safe and Secure

Now that technology has advanced, we can use glasses that are both incredibly durable and secure. Glass balusters that can withstand any form of harm and do not break easily are made from thick tempered glass. They frequently outweigh steel in strength.

Additionally, tempered glass doesn’t shatter into sharp shards when it does. These factors make glass railing systems an excellent option even if you live with small children.

What are some important things to consider before Glass Railing Systems Installation?

There are a few things to keep in mind while installing glass railing systems:

  • The railing or other hardware should be sturdy enough to support the weight of the glass. As a result, you should create it under the property’s design and specifications. Making decisions in advance is advised, including selecting accessories and the glass railing’s style.
  • There won’t be a need for a pole if you’re employing a conventional glass railing. However, if you’re installing it outside, you should use a metal column to reduce the possibility of mishaps.
  • If you place it in a high-story building, make sure to adhere to the architectural design code and keep the height between 1.1 and 1.2 m.
  • When installing the glass stair railing, use peripheral pieces that have been polished and chamfered. It lessens the possibility of accidental glass breaking. To provide a supportive foundation for the glass stair armrest, embedded bolts should be used.

Glass railing systems are frequently taken into account by homeowners or business owners who want to improve the look and condition of their property. People worry that the glass may break and hurt them or that they aren’t strong enough to handle everyday conditions.

If a glass railing system installation is an upcoming investment and project, that you as a homeowner want to make, then refer to Zenith Glass & Mirror as it has the best quality glass railing systems in Toronto and across the GTA Area. 

Glass railing systems offer various advantages over traditional railing structures, including increased safety and value. Only the best glass railing needs to be chosen, and it must be installed with precise technique!

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